Essay on Mobile Phones Have Become Ever So Apparent

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With today’s society developing so rapidly, the need for mobile phones have become ever-so apparent. Since the original unveiling by Motorola in 1973, cell phones have not only taken the world by storm, but they have also substantially exceeded every expectation (Goodwin). With such a boom in the field of technology, it’s no surprise that cell phones are sold almost everywhere. Gas stations, supermarkets, department stores, and even discount stores have made these devices so accessible that nearly everyone owns one. A cell phone is a mobile device that has multiple functions such as calling, messaging, listening to music, watching videos, and connecting to the world through the internet. Cell phones allow people to stay in touch with their coworkers, family, friends, clients, and even the occasional stranger. These devices were created to make mobile communication easier for both the workplace and personal use. Over time, cell phones have drastically improved for the better, exceeding the initial creation for them.
When the cell phone was first introduced, it was a simple device that did very basic tasks. Although it was created in 1973, the first cell phone was not actually available to the public until 10 years later in 1983 (Goodwin). The Motorola DynaTAC 8000X was a large device that only allowed you to talk up to 30 minutes on one single charge (Nguyen). The storage capacity wasn’t too appealing either, only allowing 30 phone numbers to be stored at once (Goodwin).…

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