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Research Topic:
Business Intelligence goes Mobile: Business Analytics Anytime, Anywhere.
Mobile business intelligence refers to the circulation and dispersion of business data with the help of mobile devices such as smart phones, tablet computers etc. Business intelligence is a technique by digging out and excavate data and analysing it with the help of computer based technique. Corporates today are increasingly using various handheld devices and latest gadgets in delivering rich web content which help managers to have extensive access to corporate data. This is not just confined to managers but other official also who can be in constant touch with
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In the article author shows the statistics of increase in number of users using BI application on mobile .
Critical Evaluation:
The article is taken from mobile business intelligence journal and the article is relevant to the topic, Substantial statistics have been provided which clearly demonstrates ability of the author, Author has used formal style and very plain English for the reader to understand .

Article 2: Business Intellignce : When mobility matters
Reference: MCKNIGHT, W 2011, 'Business Intelligence: When Mobility Matters', Information Management (1521-2912), 21, 3, pp. 38-39, Computers & Applied Sciences Complete, EBSCOhost, viewed 5 March 2012.

The author emphasizes on time constraint and shows how business today rely on real time and requires integrated information from across the enterprise ,Business today has to be quick and decisions are to be made in limited time with high quality , and performance. Author also describes about the role of mobile devices and tablet computers in the business achievement. The flexibility that has been achieved, there is no need of knowledge workers to be in person and not bounded to physical

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