Mobile Apps And Its Effect On Our Lives Essay

1131 Words Dec 14th, 2015 5 Pages
The world we live in today is a world full of cell phones. They are unavoidable and abundant. Many people today have phones to keep themselves up to date with what is going on outside of their own lives. Therefore, plenty of companies now offer apps for our mobile phones so we can use them to suit our own needs. We use millions of these available apps in countless ways to help with business, time management, education, and communication. However, as people living in the modern age, most cannot imagine a life without technology. Phones have improved our lives by making many of the tasks we do every day easier, but do the pros outweigh the cons? Although they can be beneficial to us depending on the way we use it, mobile phone apps waste a considerable amount of time in our daily lives without most users being mindful of their control. We use apps so often that we may not even realize how much time they occupy in our day-to-day lives. Mobile apps use up the time and energy of their users. They turn us into consumers who senselessly become distracted, for example, by trying to get the highest score in a game. If unaware, we may fall into a trap and begin to lose ourselves in our phones. When the game Candy Crush came out, just about everyone had it downloaded (Morales). What was that app helpful for? Game apps such as that are the best examples of apps which make us unconsciously lose track of time because they were solely designed for entertainment. We get put under…

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