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Task 1







Re: Tech Upgrade Proposal

To: Mr. Kern

From: Me


I performed a SWOT analysis on the current AEnergy technology infrastructure. A SWOT analysis is a technique and opportunity for a thoughtful overview of where things are good and where things need improvement. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. I’ve reviewed our system for all four of the SWOT attributes to give the following summary and suggestions.



Secure: Our current system is secure. We use SSL authentications for all inbound data requests, VPN tunneling between sites and from outside the facilities, WPA encryption with MAC filtering
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Therefore, if this research and development becomes successful, the organization will be able to upgrade its technology after getting the necessary information that is required to do so through research.

Our strong position also allows the opportunity to now branch out into new geographical markets. The overall IT structure of the company will allow us to add new regional offices in the south and east to start working with more clients. We’ll need to invest in new technology upgrades and equipment to make these moves (Dooms, 2010).

Another opportunity of upgrading the technology that the organization needs to take advantage of is the availability of the power supplies together with the uninterruptible Power supply provisions that are placed in each location (Gupta & Jayaraman, 2010). This is an opportunity in the sense that with the UPS, uninterrupted working is guaranteed and thus the organization can concentrate on upgrading the technology rather than the conditions of power.

Another opportunity for upgrading technology that the organization has is mainly in the available configurations of the network for the purpose of providing support to each site and all the sites are normally backed up daily and the systems are proficient enough to enhance minimal data loss (Rensin, 2012).This means that the organization stands a good chance of benefiting from the investment of upgrading the IT systems. Finally, the

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