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A producer might use a "pulling policy" rather than a "pushing policy" if:

Intermediaries are reluctant to handle a new product.

Its sales force has been very successful getting wholesalers and retailers to handle its product.

It has a very limited promotion budget.

It is offering a very "high-tech" product to a small product-market.
When new product ideas are chosen based on ratings and comments from customers, this process is called ______.
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He encourages consumers to "…try my 8-pound Oreck vacuum for free for 30 days," and to return it if they aren't satisfied. He then provides an easy-to-remember toll-free telephone number that consumers can use to place orders. Regarding the AIDA model, the free-trial period and availability of a toll-free number are devices used mainly to:

Get attention.

Arouse desire.

Obtain action.

Hold interest.
Most firms in the business world set their prices using:

Supply and demand analysis.

Federal price guidelines.

Cost-oriented price setting.

Demand-oriented price setting.
Compared with other approaches to business, the marketing concept is distinct in that it:

Focuses on sales.

Focuses on satisfying customers' needs.

Produces new products and services . •
Creates a broad assortment of products.
More than 600,000 loyal customers signed up in advance to purchase the iPhone4 in an Apple store the first day it was available for sale in the U.S. What type of response behavior were these Apple followers demonstrating?

Dissonance response

Low-involvement buying

Routinized response

Limited problem solving
In which quadrant of the SWOT analysis tool does the following fit? A firm is in a fast-growing industry.




A useful tool for organizing the competitor analysis is:

Rivals chart.


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