Mkt 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam Essay

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MKT 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam Click Link Below To Buy: Or Visit MKT 310 Week 5 Midterm Exam 1) Using intuition, continuing what was done before, and copying a successful competitor’s strategy are examples of ________.
A) retail strategies based on nonsystematic research
B) creative problem solving
C) the marketing concept applied to retailing
D) executive judgment
2) An example of nonsystematic research in retailing, relating to the effect of a price rise on projected sales, is ________.
A) evaluating sales of sweaters at different price levels in prior years
B) developing an educated “guess” as to demand for sweaters based on current
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A) undifferentiated marketing
B) mass marketing
C) concentrated marketing
D) differentiated marketing
9) Which statement concerning the Universal Product Code (UPC) is not correct?
A) The UPC is not readable by humans.
B) The UPC is now the accepted industry standard by food and general merchandise retailers.
C) The UPC symbol also includes price information.
D) With the UPC, cashiers no longer have to enter transactions manually.
10) The Universal Product Code (UPC) system allows a retailer to ________.
A) develop a personnel performance system
B) evaluate store managers based on profitability
C) read price information based on the code
D) store and monitor product sales data on an item-by-item basis
11) Retailers and their suppliers regularly exchange information via their computers through the use of ________.
A) retail information systems
B) electronic data interchange
C) data-base management
D) customer relationship marketing programs
12) Marketing research in retailing involves ________.
A) primary data collection and analysis
B) secondary data collection and analysis
C) the collection and analysis of information relating to specific issues or problems facing a retailer
D) the gathering, storing, and retrieval of data in an orderly manner
13) Which stage of the marketing research process in retailing is concerned with the development of a clear statement of the topic to be examined?
A) recommendations
B) primary data

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