Essay on Mixed Marriage : Between Challenges And Benefits

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Mixed marriage : between challenges and benefits Is it hard to reach a stable relationship in the marriage process ? . Most people who have been married agreed that the marriage life include conflicts ( Tallman and Hsiao , 2004 ) . But with the increasing rate of intercultural marriage – a marriage between people who are from different racial or ethnic groups - and interfaith marriage – a marriage between partners professing different religions , people started to assume that these types of marriage are the underlying reason of the high rates of divorce . First , Such marriages became more common in today’s society due to 1969 civil war , globalization , and immigration . Second , in spite of the challenges that the intercultural couples encounter , the same religious beliefs tend to create peaceful atmosphere that lead to a successful marriage . Thus , intercultural couples who have the same religion tend to be more stable and build strong bonds with each other .

Some may argue that intercultural couples can be more stable than couples with the same nationalities . they believe that such marriages can create problems both for families and for society ( Ata , 2000; Breger and Hill , 1998b; Johnson and Warren , 1994; Root , 2001) . Also, they consider these types of marriages are the reason behind family conflicts and high rates of divorce ( Ben Ezra , 2006 ) . Though it may look a very romantic love story , it can be very frustrating…

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