Essay about Mission Trip For The Dominican Republic

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The purpose of a mission trip is not to save everyone or solve hunger. Many people who take mission trip have this mentality, and I 'm not going to lie, my first mission trip this is what I expected. I believed that I was going to be the one person to go down and “change” the people. This idea is far from reality, but I realize that you can make a difference in some people’s lives. I have taken a few mission trips to the Dominican Republic, where I have built relationships with the people down there. We have the power to teach people about a wealth of knowledge that lies between the pages of the Bible. Each year I strive to improve my influence, so I had to ask myself, “how does someone who is taking a short term mission trip leave a long-term effect?” Mission trips are important in many ways, besides, from spreading the word of God, we can demonstrate how to improve a way of life.
My first mission trip was spent with a group from my church. We stayed near the capital at a place called Santo Domingo. Our week was spent visiting different villages and attending different churches. Our team was equipped with a couple translators, to aid in communication between us and the native Dominicans. Our days started by traveling about two hours, because most impoverished sugar cane villages are not near the capital. Our main location that we spend the majority of our days at is a place called Bani Village. This village is looked over by a man named Pastor Vernon, who has started about…

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