Family Mission Statement

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Families want to be united with their members in their place where cohesiveness and happiness are norms. Thus, we built our mission statement to abide by this important need. As such our mission statement is: “Provide effective means for families’ preservation and unity throughout the United States”. Our mission encircles four essential dimensions, which are social cohesion, policy influencing, services and objectives.
Social Means of FPU’s Actions.
Family Preservation and Unity wishes as first goal the creation of social cohesion in families set. In like manner, social capital enforces networks and relationships that link family members to one another. We believe those relationships could construct and
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In this sense, we expect to inform and influence domestic social policies in evaluating and making pertinent to policymakers, the importance of family preservation and unity. To accomplish this task, we would use publications suchlike forums and news media. In addition, our nonprofit organization would advocate promoting the introduction of families’ education into the school curriculum. Besides, we will motivate the public to sign petitions against laws and social workers’ deceitful practices. We may support petition through parades, sit-ins, demonstrations, or even boycotts. Gittell endorse our strategies. For the authors of The Sustainable Business Case Book, the crucial role of nonprofits as stakeholders is to influence public policies and laws …show more content…
This reason explains our choice in expanding our own lexicon of funding models. We want to create value for our beneficiaries. To achieve this goal we have to consider an important source of revenue and identify an economic engine. We need to comprehend both the donor value scheme and the recipient value proposition. This dilemma divides FPU into two businesses. One connected to our program activities and the other associated to raise charitable subsidies. As a result, we improve FPU fundraising and expect to raise and receive from generous donors $ 700,000 a year.
FPU wants to be transparent to the public, donors and with the current legislation. It’s quite honest to make clear the percentage of our charity 's budget spent on fundraising and what percentages of the FPU’s expenses are spent on programs. We want to meet the minimum level of efficiency. This manner guarantees the legal use of donations, contributions, and loan.
We follow the guidelines for nonprofit management and fundraising activity of BBB. Hinge on the Better Business Bureau’s standard 8 and 9 for New York (, FPU should spend 65 % of its annual revenue on programs and 35% of “related contribution on fund raising”

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