Mission And Vision Statement : Saint Francis De Sales School Essay

1357 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
The Mission and Vision statements for an organization are designed to tell the audience about the organizations is about, what they are doing currently, and what they strive to achieve. There are several criteria that are crucial to a meaningful and comprehensive mission and vision statements. The Saint Francis de Sales School needs their mission statements revised, and they did not have a vision statement. The discussion will continue to justifying the mission and vision statements developed, as well as, why the new mission and vision stated should be adopted for Saint Francis de Sales School. There are several criteria that are very important to meaningful well written vision statements. The first criteria would be the vision statement needs to be future focused. It needs to depict a picture of what the organization will look like in 5 to 10 years, and a clear direction the organization is headed. The vision provides the “big picture” (Ambler, G. 2013). Another criteria is the statement needs to be clear. The vision needs to be clearly articulated and understood. Clarity allows individuals across the organization or company to understand and have a shared sense of what’s important and what is not (Ambler, G. 2013). Relevance is another criterion. The vision needs to be relevant to the organization, and the times, and shows the organizations response to challenges of that time. A powerful vision connects what has happened in the past to the desired future, and…

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