Mission And Organizational Problem : Katella High School Essays

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Statement of the Problem
Mission and Organizational Problem Katella High School is a public school within the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD). The performance problem I am focusing on is the overrepresentation of Latino male students in disciplinary actions at school. I know this is a problem because Latino males represent 45% of the student population and make-up 58% of the disciplinary referrals. This problem affects the school’s goals, and the district’s mission to provide all students with a high quality, well-rounded educational program in a safe and nurturing learning environment that promotes:
• High academic expectations for all students and employees
• 21st Century learning skills for students to act as problem solvers and critical thinkers
• Readiness for post-secondary education, career options, and civic and social responsibility Organizational goal. Katella High School’s organizational goal is that by Spring 2017, the disciplinary referrals among Latino males will decrease from 58% to 45% as measured by schoolwide discipline data. This goal was established because currently Latino males make-up 58% of the annual referrals. The goal was set by the school-site leadership team, which consists of administration, teachers, students, and parents. The Response to Intervention (RtI) Specialist runs queries, disaggregates discipline data to identify site-level trends and links behaviors to research- and evidence-based intervention strategies for…

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