Misconceptions: The Definition Of Feminism

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Feminism, a concept born from women’s rights advocates, has existed as a term in history. Recently the definition of feminism has become unclear to modern society. According to Mirriam Webster dictionary: “Feminism: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes,” However; because feminism has become such a negatively associated word, efforts to strengthen the unity and equality between the sexes have been weakened and only expand the gap due to the misconceptions developed in recent societal issues.

The foremost myth often found regarding feminism, especially in self centered countries like America, is “women already have equality among men.” Sadly, this is not true. Other than the well known argument,
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If someone believes in this statement, ask them, “do you believe in the equality and peace for both men and women?” If they say yes, congratulations, they’re a feminist. Recall the politically correct definition of feminism, in that it is the equality between the two sexes. If a woman claims to be a feminist, but is extremely misandristic, they are not a feminist. Vice versa the same is for a man, if he claims he is a feminist but is extremely misogynistic, he obviously is not a feminist. Feminism benefits men as much as it does women, however men already have an established place in the world, and women all over, especially outside of first-world countries, are still fighting to just have a voice. An example of feminism benefitting men: While 1 in 4 women will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, an overall 3 million cases of men being the victim were found in the USA alone. Another example is body image. Women are the main targets when it comes to unfair standards or body shaming; moreover they get more attention from it, and in good reason. What we forget is men suffer from similar effects. Just as models for women are usually extremely altered or unique people, male models are not proper examples of the everyday male physique, appearance, or fashion. Feminism fights for both, not the one, and to reiterate, women who claim they are feminists but are really misandrists, are not feminists. They are not what feminism is meant to

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