Essay about Mis Chapter 7

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7 e-Business Systems


Chapter 7: e-Business Systems describes how information systems integrate and support enterprisewide business processes, as well as the business functions of marketing, manufacturing, human resource management, accounting, and finance.


After reading and studying this chapter, you should be able to:

1. Identify the following cross-functional enterprise systems, and give examples of how they can provide significant business value to a company: a. Enterprise application integration b. Transaction processing systems c. Enterprise collaboration systems

2. Give examples of how Internet and other information technologies support business
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Many firms are using the Internet, intranets, extranets, and other networks for online transaction processing to provide superior service to their customers and suppliers. Figure 7.6 illustrates the basic activities of transaction processing systems.

• Functional Business Systems. Functional business information systems support the business functions of marketing, production/operations, accounting, finance, and human resource management through a variety of e-business operational and management information systems summarized in Figure 7.11 .

• Marketing. Marketing information systems support traditional and e-commerce processes and management of the marketing function. Major types of marketing information systems include interactive marketing at e-commerce Web sites, sales force automation, customer relationship management, sales management, product management, targeted marketing, advertising and promotion, and market research. Thus, marketing information systems assist marketing managers in e-commerce product development and customer relationship decisions, as well as in planning advertising and sales promotion strategies and developing the e-commerce potential of new and present products and new channels of distribution.

• Manufacturing. Computer-based manufacturing information systems help a company achieve computer-integrated

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