Essay on Ministry Curriculum / B.c

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This resource is very much relevant to the Ministry Curriculum / B.C.’s New Curriculum as well as the First Peoples Principles of Learning as previously described. The lessons and activities I have extracted from this resource will cater to grade 5 because it is a sensitive topic that suits a more mature grade level that can handle the details of the content and activities. I will outline a few curricular competencies and content objectives that link to the resource and provide evidence from the resource under each.
A curricular competency that is relevant is “Use Social Studies inquiry processes and skills to — ask questions; gather, interpret, and analyze ideas; and communicate findings and decisions (compare a range of points of view on an issue)” (BC’s New Curriculum, 2016b, para. 5). This resource can be used through many other activities that can center on inquiry and analysis of the residential schools, the larger social, cultural, and political implications and gives students or readers a fresh point of view—where the victims are coming from and how the upheaval degraded the generations after, rather than the typical dominant western point of view of Aboriginal peoples. For instance Jane Willis claims that it took her only a few months to make her become ashamed of the fact that she was Indian (David Ewens Collection, n.d. as cited in Truth and Reconciliation). Another relevant competency is “Make ethical judgments about events,…

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