Minimalism In Into The Wild

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A man whose goal is to become lost in the wild has recently become the ideal picture of what people aspire to be. Chris McCandless and his journey, depicted in Into The Wild by Jon Krakauer, is the face behind the story that everyone wanted to live. Turning down the conformity of society and living a minimalistic life has helped Chris find who he was while in the wild. Minimalism throughout Chris McCandless's journey in Into The Wild helps him work through his thoughts; and over time leads him to the conclusion that life is better but harder when living in the solitude of nature without self-fulfilling items.
To live without unneeded items, and to be detached from most worldly possessions is the minimalistic point of view. People often find themselves crowding
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To have purpose in life; and to get rid of things that over complicate and clutter it. That every person should choose to live this way because it is the only way to truly live. He then moves on to describe how people should live their lives in terms of items and “things” surrounding them in their life. He believes that “an honest man has hardly need to count more than his ten fingers, or in extreme cases, he may need ten toes, and lump the rest.” (Thoreau 253) A man should not have to use more than his ten fingers to count. If he has to use more, then he has too many objects in his life and he has too many things to count and simply must simplify the items in his life down to the things he only really needs for survival.
Similar to Thoreau, Chris decides to into the wild because during the whole duration of his life he has been doing things for other people, specifically for the satisfaction of his parents. This journey is a way to explore the world, while exploring who he is without having obligations to do things for other people, including his parents. Chris had a very different

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