Mindfulness Exercises

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Researchers Zhou, Liu, Niu, Sun, and Fan (2016); Zhang et al. (2016); reported Mindfulness can add quality to life by fostering a feeling of inner peace to increase self-confidence. In additon, some researcher’s study showed a decrease in bullying, increased the student's ability to focus more, especially in ADHD students, reduce attention problems and increase social skills. Mindfulness can be accomplished by the use of pictures, food, and music that help students focus attention at a greater level.
Flook et al. (2010) express that there are Cognitive, Social and Emotional benefits when teachers use Mindfulness. Specifically, cognitive activities are attention, switching focus, remembering details and organizing. Social benefits help students to interact and communicate with others through group activities (Black et al., 2013). Recent studies have found the practice mindfulness helps to manage stress, children were calmer, slept better and enhanced their well- being.
Mindfulness Exercises
Karen Young (2017) suggest the following Mindfulness exercise:
“1) The Superman: this pose is practiced
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Script: “Please get into your ‘mindful bodies’ – still and quiet, sitting upright, eyes closed. Now place all your attention on the sound you are about to hear. Listen to the sound until it is completely gone. Ring a mindfulness bell, or have a student ring the bell. Use a bell with a sustained sound or a rainstick to encourage mindful listening. Tell students, please raise your hand when you can no longer hear the sound. When most or all have raised their hands, you can say, now slowly, mindfully, move your hand to your stomach or chest, and just feel your breathing. You can help students stay focused during the breathing with reminders like, Just breath in, just breath out. Ring the bell to end”

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