Mind Your Step Critique

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The seniors of the BFA and BA dance programs at the University of Florida put together the show Mind Your Step. This show incorporated many different styles of work from both students and dance faculty. This semester’s showcase was quite different the showcase in the spring entitled Being, which featured several very similar dances. This time no dance was alike and some looked as if they had been created by a professional dance company. The first dance of the evening was Psalms of Mass Destruction (Or: Lost). The dance itself was interesting to watch and made use of the dancers talents, but if I had not read the choreographer’s note about the concept I would not have understood what was going on. The costuming was solid and create unity by having them wear the same tops and bottoms, while giving them individuality with the bottoms being different types of clothing and styles. I was quite impressed by the entire makeup of Don’t Worry Your Pretty Little Head. Firstly, the choreography was quite unique and different from anything else I have seen. The movement went well with the music and portrayed exactly what I think the choreographer, Breena Cocco, intended. Secondly, the costuming set the concept up for the audience with hints of different time periods used throughout the …show more content…
The choreographers had great understanding of their concept and knew what their inspiration for their dance was, which gave them much more depth. The dances were well put together and the dancers carried the through line into the movement, allowing the audience to become involved in the story being told. Each dance had its own personal style and I think that says a lot about the hard work and dedication put forth by the dancers and choreographers. I would have to say that several of these choreographers look like they have a bright future ahead of them and I look forward to

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