Millennial Generation Case Study

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Register to read the introduction… At Keiter, millennials are encouraged to blend their social and professional lives so long as it doesn't interfere with completing tasks on time and accurately. Keiter also offers subsidies for employees to help pay for their data plans and portable electronics. By doing this, Keiter acknowledges how millennials use these devices to stay well connected to their job and the task at hand. Keiter even encourages staff to post specific newsworthy feeds about the accounting firm in the employees’ social media circles. Unfortunately Allianz is mainly a call center and feels it cannot allow cell phone and other social media distractions in the call center. However, Allianz does provide designated areas outside the call center for employees to access their cell phones and social media sites. A study by Cisco and InsightExpress found that a third workers under thirty would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility, and work mobility over salary in accepting a job offer. Over half of those surveyed said they would turn down a job that denied them access to social websites ("Cisco Connected World Technology Report" …show more content…
At Allianz, employees are allowed to take home their laptops and work for home. This was an especially handy policy during the recent winter storms that shut down most of Richmond. This work at home policy has been found to often make employees more productive. Keiter offers reduced time work weeks where workers work about seventy percent of a forty hour week, to give employees time to raise families or go to school. A study by Griffith Insurance Education Foundation (Goudreau 2013) found that companies can get the same performance while offering flexible scheduling or telecommuting to their employees. This further suggests that millennials will forgo increased pay for longer vacation time and the ability to work outside the …show more content…
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