Run N Cheeseball Research Paper

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When it comes down to playing a game of Madden with people online, rarely a pure opponent will occur. The game is full with tons of online players with authentic talent and classic tactics, yet these are not the players that one gets for a matchup. Rather, the opponents are the scum of the game using their inferior tactics that ruin the game for everyone else. A user may enjoy an easy game against one of these predictable play styles, but no one truly enjoys facing these opponents time and time again. The “Run N’ Gunner,” the “Milker,” and the “Cheeseball” will always exist believing their tactics will forever work. The player that does not know, nor care what a huddle is, can be referred to as the “Run N’ Gunner.” This type of player almost views a game of Madden as a basketball game with the only goal in mind to move the ball as fast as possible. A “Run N’ Gunner” knows the virtual players are full of virtual strengthen and energy, able to be pushed to limits no man ever truly could be. After any given play, this player will be seen and heard mashing the triangle button in order to …show more content…
A user could score with ten minutes remaining in the game and gives the “Milker” the ball, yet may never see it again. This opponent is able to muster up enough run yards to keep getting first downs while snapping the ball near the end of the play clock every time. This form of play style is not totally unproductive to all as it can be used effectively by a pure player when handling a lead. The problem with a “Milker” is they are unable to perform any other way, whether they are down ten or up ten, they run their offense the same. It is very hard to make a comeback when it takes almost an entire quarter length to work a slow-paced run offense down the field. The “Milker” is going to minimize the change of possession and big plays which will result in a low-scoring

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