Mikesbikes Simulation Team Strategy Plan Essay

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OFF THE cHAIN bIKES | Strategic Plan | Off The Chain Bikes Business Strategy | | Sean Miller, Joshlin Martinez, Catrina Phelps, and Feng Zhang | 4/6/2013 |

At Off The Chain Bikes our mission is to be a profitable provider of high quality bicycles that provide value to our customers and create a company that can attract, recruit and retain smart and talented employees. Our vision is to be established as one of the top Bicycle Manufacturing companies in the country and provide innovative and quality products to our customers. Outlining our goals, analyzing and strategizing for our internal and external environment, staying on top of our financial health, taking care of our investors, and effectively marketing our products will
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Great financial, marketing and charity strategy will place Off The Chain Bikes on the top of the biking industry mountain. Our external environment is one of many demands and competitors. We have three major competitors that manufacture and distribute multiple bicycle products. Firm 1, Firm 4, and Wheelin and Dealin all have a considerable share of the market, distribution, and customers. All have provided or are developing bike products that are meant for multiple age groups, terrains, and uses. This saturation in the market presents a high level of substitutes and competitive prices. There are three other manufacturers and that puts a lot of pressure on specialization to be at the forefront of their industry. Other manufacturers are selling through other mediums other than retailers which could limit specialized exposure to the end-user In order to be at the top of the industry, Off The Chain Bikes will provide users with a wide selection of products at multiple store types. We recognize that it is important to provide well-made bikes for many purposes; however, it is also important that we create a great, long-lasting relationship with as many bike stores, retail stores, and online stores as possible. There is a growing interest in cycling and this is a result in magazine coverage and the using of bikes and accessories in window displays that relate to cycling. We will need to constantly visit and contact dealers to keep in touch with the changes,

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