Conflict Case Study Mike Garcia And Hendrickson

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From the scenario, we could see that there is a conflict between Mike Garcia and Jill Hendrickson. The first component that defines the conflict is through an expressed struggle. The team is struggling in inventing innovative toddler booster seats. The expressed struggle from the manufacturing side could be seen from Mike, the manager, who has often complained that the design from the engineers is delusional as it might be impossible to be implemented. He also said that the design team was arrogant and would not listen to Jill’s ideas. On the other hand, Jill from the design engineers has tried to be open to the ideas from the manufacturing side. She claimed that Mike would not listen to her and only gave a little credit for her efforts. Their communicative representations of their differences, their claims, and their interactions indicated that the issues exist between Mike and Jill. The conflictual situations also show the struggles in working on the project. We could see that those situations reflect the conflict between them. The struggles should be addressed as they may exacerbate the conflict or lead to ineffective productivity for the team and the company.
Interdependence is another feature that captures the notion that people in a conflict are
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From Jill’s point of view, Mike was interfering the project because he did not listen to her ideas and was reluctant to adopt the concept. Similarly, Mike found that Jill’s ideas were delusions as they would likely face major practical problems. He also felt that her team was enforcing their ideas to the manufacturing side. Even if he is forced to stay, he would refuse to accept Jill’s ideas. The perception of interference by one another presence has intensified the conflict between them. In addition, we could see that they might perceive that each one of them was trying to prevent each other in achieving their desired

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