Micro Level Theories Describe People And Their Relationships Essay

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Micro-level theories describe people and their relationships. These theories encompass the studies of how individuals change as they age. Micro-level theories use interpretive perspective. Macro-level theories look at social institutions, social systems, and whole societies. These theories examine the way that social institutions shape experiences and behavior. Macro-level theories use conflict perspective. There are three Theoretical Perspective used by Gerontologists, and they are the interpretive perspective, the functionalist perspective, and the conflict perspective. The interpretive perspective looks at how people relate to one another, how they define the situation, why they do what they do, and how they create social order. For example, when someone sees a person in a wheelchair they automatically assume that it is due it illness, weakness, or disease; but they could see that same person in a power chair and think nothing of it. Functionalist perspective views society as a system made up of many parts. These include religion, the family, education, and politics. The functionalist perspective sees society as an organism that tries to stay in equilibrium. For example, an increase in older people in society, leads to more government money directed to programs for the elderly. More support to older people can create a dysfunction. This may lead to political backlash and reduce support. Functionalist perspective say that norms and roles shape behavior.…

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