Michael Jorden's Career In The Life Of Michael Jordan

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After six National Basketball Association (NBA) Championships, eleven NBA Most
Valuable Player (MVP) awards and playing an astonishing fifteen seasons, Michael Jorden continues to be an inspiration for, not just me, but for so many young people. His combination of motivation, determination, athleticism, and definition to the game of basketball is the reason why he was voted as the Athlete of the Century. As with others, I am a huge fan of Michael
Jordan; I bought his high top “jump man”, silhouette shoes and I wore his black and red Chicago
Bull’s jersey. I remember my dad and older brother watching every one of his basketball games; he was my hero. So of course, when his book that he wrote came out, I bought it. Michael published a
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A prime example of his motivation takes him back to his years spent at Emsley A. Laney
High School in Wilmington, where his height caused a struggle. I struggled as well with my height, my freshman year in high school, which caused me not to make the Varsity team. Like
Michael, that didn’t stop me; I joined the junior varsity team and started every game as the point guard. During Michael’s sophomore year of high school, he tried out for the varsity basketball team, but was deemed too short to play on a varsity level; he was 5’ 11”. So he joined the junior varsity, where he had several 40-point games. After a year of hard training to prove him worthy and growing an extra 4 inches, it gave him the ability to be on the varsity team; he dominated, averaging 20 points per game. Motivation was the key that made him train harder, and pushed him to the next level. After high school, Michael accepted a basketball scholarship to North Carolina. After spending 3 years with the North Carolina Tar Heels, he entered the 1984 NBA Draft.

“Determination, not wings,” Jordan makes clear, “is how a normal kid from
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He could extend his reach over 7 foot tall players and dunk on them without sweating it. The only thing that I could dunk was a tennis ball, but I was 5’ 5”. So maybe that’s not too bad; I don’t know. Overall, Michael’s athleticism is very difficult to compare to one player in today’s game. One’s who could possibly come close would be Vince
Carter (Memphis Grizzlies), Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers), and Lebron James, but there are too many athletic qualities that sets Michael apart from the rest.

Michael Jordan’s early life and NBA career was a great example of what hard work and determination can get someone. He started out shooting hoops in the backyard with his older brother to living in a 30,000 square foot home and dominating in the NBA. He is known as the best to ever play the game. His skills will always be remembered; like the dunk from the free throw line that so many people tried to attempt. He brought personality to the game of basketball and no one would’ve been better to bring. He was just simply a great all-around player that I envy and continue to look up to. No other human could lead one team to six championships in one decade, and would have come out of retirement twice to come back

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