Michael Jackson : The Fourth Of Nine Children Essay

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He was born a prodigy. He died a legend. Born on August 29th, 1958, Michael Jackson was the seventh of nine children. At the age of four, he watched his brothers take the stage as, The Jacksons. A year later, Jackson started to sing and dance by watching famous stars on television, and from watching his brothers perform on stage. Seeing his potential, Joe, his father, brought him into the group. Michael’s voice from an early age was unique; he was capable of reaching clear diction, exclusive clarities, and a purity that set him above all else. By the age of eight he was performing on stage with his brothers, wowing anyone who watched young Michael blossom before their eyes (Herbert 29-32).
Over the course of his childhood, the King of Pop went along with singing whatever was handed to him. He co-wrote the song ‘Ben’ which was one of the biggest hits for the young star, at the time. Later, moving on from his repetitious scene with The Jacksons, also known as Jackson 5, Michael began his solo career. He went on to be enormously successful, and he wrote numerous hits. Jackson had a way with words, for a lack of a better term. No matter what type of song he wrote, he made them subsequently for countless people to relate to what he was saying. Michael Jackson faced struggle after struggle in his life. From ridicule for his looks, sleeping in an oxygen chamber, to alleged accusations about raping adolescent boys, but he fought the tough years through song. However, he could…

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