Michael Jackson Personality

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The Michael Jackson Report

Michael Jackson one of the greatest artist known around the world. Winning over the whole world by storm. He was a child star and part of The Jackson 5 from a very young age.
Did being a young star in the spotlight affect him later on his life and having the relationships he did with his family (father) make him do the stuff he did. Looking at the Jung, Cooley and Erikson, family size, birth order and gender theories will explain why his life was the way it was. Him have his very interesting personality and connections with children as an adult may be explained by these theories.

Michael Jackson was on stage since he was just a child. Staring in The Jackson 5 and later on creating his own music, he was always
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His theory was that socializing with our family and friends made us aware of who and what we were. “Looking Glass Self” is when we look at the reactions of others to see the reflection of our true selves. Cooley’s theory could be used to explain the personality of “The King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. Jackson said himself in an Oprah Winfrey interview that people looked at him as a pop icon and a very outgoing and happy person. Behind the scenes he was a depressed boy who wanted to play at the park just like everybody else without a bodyguard or being worried about the press. It’s possible that one …show more content…
from the age of 12 people said he lost the ability of being a child. Him always being on tour and recording, never being able to play and explore the world around him as a child. In Erikson 's theory he talks about 8 different stages. The stages that really apply to MJ are stage 3,4,5 which are essentially the stages of childhood. in many of MJ’s interviews he said that he never did have a chance for a childhood everyday he would have 3 hours of school and then recording for the rest of his day. He mentioned him crying while seeing other kids play at the park because that is all he ever wanted to do. be a child. In stage 3 and 4 they talk about children explore playing with other children of their age and exploring the environment around them. Since MJ never had that opportunity he would miss out on those stages and never be able to get over the childhood stage. The missing out on those stages may explain why later on in his life he made the Michael Jackson ranch and always had different young children over. Also can explain why he never saw it as being wrong to always being with children since when he was a child he was always around adults and it was perfectly fine. In stage 5 it talks about role confusion and finding out who you really are. He never had the chance to explore who he really is since he never had a chance to be around other kids his age. Also he never was able to hold a steady relationship maybe because he never found

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