Michael Frayn 's Production Of Noises Off Upton Hall Essay

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I saw Michael Frayn’s production of Noises Off in Upton Hall (Warren Theater), which on Buffalo State’s Campus on March 4,2016 at 8om. The play was directed by Jennifer Toohey. I did not expect the play to be as funny since I did not understand the book. However, the play was extremely funny and I enjoyed it. I still did not fully understand when they were switching from Noises Off and Nothing On, but the play was amusing. I loved scene 2 because as an audience member I always wonder what is going on backstage, and scene 2 gave me the opportunity to see that. Also I remember that Professor Moltane mentioned that each scene got worst as the play went on and being able to see that physically was also very helpful to me. The play was confusing but overall it was entertaining.

The production of this playwright was meant to bring a farce to life. A farce is what is known as an exaggerated play and the cast did a good job. The play was very comical and kept me entertained the entire time. The cast made a variety of mistakes on purpose, which caused the audience to be hysterical. There was also a lot of dramatic acting. I personally felt that Brooke’s character, which was played by Molly Bader was very dramatic. Her voice was extremely loud and high pitched. Her costume was also very dramatic and distracting to majority of the males in the audience. Selsdon’s character was also an interesting character. He would always pop up at random times, and always seemed to be confused.…

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