Yellow Face Play Analysis

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The play “Yellow Face” by David Henry Hwang, who is also a Tony Award-Winner of M Butterfly. The play is adapted and directed by Jiff Liu, production and theatrical designed by Francois-pierre couture, costumes are by Manee Leija. The play has feature cast with experience in to and film. It features total of nine actors, but the most main character in the play is Marcus. In the beginning of the play, I like how he give introduction of the characters because when watching the play, it is very important to understand who is play what role in the play. It will be easier for audience to understand the concept of the play, so they can have fun watching it as well. The sound was perfect and the way they were acting seem like they were not even talking. …show more content…
This is to show that there are still people who does that. The images of various of people in movies and plays and on the television is important because they have something to convey to the people. They won’t able to talk to people in real, so it is easy to convey them throw movies or a play. Just like David did. He conveys what he wanted to from the play “Yellow Face”. Yes, addressing such issue in art and in other wats is valuable because people actually believe on it and if they are wrong, they will make sure that they won’t repeat the same thing other time. It is absolutely valuable. The social problem that David Henry is hoping to address with this play was maybe there will be less diversity, racism and ethnicity because if people become racist and judge people, there will be less diversity and as well as ethnicity. No one will be willing to such place where there is racism. In my opinion, it is on-going problem because as I have mention above, there are still people who believes in racism and it will go on until they realize it is actually wrong. It started since way before I

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