Mgt/230 Week 4 Essay

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Renegade Armor
Sweet Baby Jesus
May 29, 2012

Renegade Armor LLC is an organization that specializes in the sale of body armor for combat soldiers, law enforcement, and private security companies. It started as a very small business and has expanded rapidly to the point of realizing the need to globalize its efforts. Its success has been based of two major factors. First is the ability to deliver a quality product at a low price, and the one on one customer support they offer. Second, and most importantly, is their ability to groom their company structure to fit the needs of both its employees as well as its customers. Through their willingness to be flexible and receptive to change and restructure they have
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It has several different types of sales divisions, human resources, accounting, customer support division, and production department. The advantage of this structure as opposed to a traditional vertical structure is the fact that organization now has enough employees that speed of information flow is critical. With representation spread out amongst so many time zones it is critical for important decisions to be handled by the lowest level possible quickly so as to not loose business. Yet Renegade is not large enough for a matrix style structure and if that were to be attempted there would be in some cases departments of one person, or people reporting to themselves.
Organizational function influence
The reason that Renegade Armor has formed itself into this type of structure was borne out of necessity of both customers as well as internal needs of employees. The times have brought change to the world of body armor and the military is no longer the biggest customer. Private organizations as well as law enforcement have become major customers and require a whole different way of both sales and customers service. Most police officers buy their own armor with vouchers supplied to them by their agency. These officers needed someone they could call and speak with directly about their gear. Customer service was born, by making these officers happier with the continued support of the product repeat sales

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