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Mexico is an ancient land filled with a rich history and a proud people. The land in Mexico once fostered Amerindian civilizations such as the Aztecs, Mayans, and the Olmec. These cultures flourished until first contact was made with the Spanish in the early 16th century. The Spanish conducted their first expedition in 1519, marking the start of Spanish rule in the region for the next 300 years. The Mexican independence was recognized be Spain in 1821 and formed their own democratic government that is still serving today.
The country itself is located directed south of the United States of America, bordering Guatemala’s and Belize’s northern border. As the southernmost country in North American, it enjoys contact with both the Atlantic
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The current Head of State is President Enrique Pena Nieto, who was elected on December 1st, 2012. He heads the government from the country’s capital, Mexico City. Their form of government has many similarities with the United States government, such as the use of cabinets, a senate, and different levels of legal courts. Political parties play a huge part of their election system, with the Intuitional Revolutionary Party currently controlling both the Executive branch and a majority of the Legislative …show more content…
More resources are being used at an accelerated rate, causing strain on the United Mexican States. Without international aid, the Mexican armed forces and police force would have ran though their budget years ago. While the personal fighting the conflict are gaining immense experience, the will of the people to continue to fight is starting to strain. The citizens desire a relief from the extreme losses, and are actively searching for peaceful solutions. Time in this regard seems to be on the cartels’ side. To counteract this, the governmental forces are operating at a faster tempo in hopes of speeding up a victory over the drug trade.
The infrastructure, intellect, and desire needed to establish communications is thoroughly established in Mexico. 95.1% of the population is literate, which only enhances the sharing of information within the borders. Mexico ranks 14th in the world with telephone users, and 12th in total number of internet users (CIA, 2016). Not only are the Mexican people well connected, but they constantly growing their broadcasting networks. The largest broadcasting network in Mexico, Televisa, is now expanding their efforts to expand their customer base internationally, in places like China and the United

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