Mexican American Studies : Arizona High Magnet School Essay

1012 Words Sep 28th, 2015 null Page
Mexican American studies in Arizona have been accredited with increasing the graduation rates and improving students test scores on standardized tests in Arizona. The Tucson School District has aimed to ban ethnic studies under the guase that such course breed resentment in the students that took those specific classes against whites as well as hatred and that they also promoted division. Members of the state board view these classes not as educational, but as away to nurture future activist who might try to overthrow the us government.

While those who are in support of the laws passed that ban the teaching of Mexican American studies believe it’s essentially, a way to brainwash the youth, and indoctrinate it’s students the students and teachers both deny that claim. The banning of Mexican American studies seem quite ridiculous considering the Tucson Unified School Districts student population has a 60% Chicano background. The very people who were the prime participants in banning the programs and classes specifically at Tucson High Magnet School claim it is not in compliance with a state law that bans ethic programs. However the ban on ethnic studies classes seem to only be applied to the Mexican American Studies programs. Programs geared towards the study of Asian, Native American and African Americans cultures were not effected.

Neglecting to each the students about their ancestral history won’t make them any more American if they were or weren’t aware of it. According…

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