Mercy Killing Essay

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James Palmer

Jason Witt

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November 11, 2010

Mercy killing is it justifiable?

There are many perspectives on the issue of mercy killing and if it’s justifiable. Mercy killing is the killing of another human being. As this issue is closely monitored we see that, euthanasia involves the ethics of doctor’s practices, and many other problems that may come up in this controversial issue. Three main perspectives are mercy killing is not justifiable for any reason, mercy killing is justifiable, and mercy killing is justifiable to a certain degree.
The mercy killing issue has been brought up in many articles. Some articles are pertaining to military personnel. Other articles are according to health circumstances. Also some
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We also see under military circumstances that killing a civilian under the circumstances mentioned above is unethical because citizens from that country might take it as Americans want to kill people.
We also see that it is unjustifiable because of doctor’s ethical values. Doctors are held to high standards and in their professions there suppose to save life at all cost and to do everything in their ability to keep their patients alive. So even if there is a possibility that the patient won’t last, they are supposed to do everything they can to keep the patient alive as long as possible. If a doctor lets a patient die, than that act will be questioning their medical practices. So we see that this perspective to mercy killing is unjustifiable. We see this as a very good point, no one a can play God according to who should live and who should die. We also see that doctors can’t possibly allow the individual to die because they would be questioning their practices.
The second perspective we see is that Mercy killing is justifiable. We see that mercy killing is necessary in some cases. Such cases are life threatening diseases which cause the individual to endure horrific pains. This is when mercy killing should be legalized for legitimate circumstances. When someone is in so much pain and knows they’re going to die they should have the right to choose to die if they want to pass away early to stop the pain they should have that

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