Menunier And Granger's Methods

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Case study
This paper follows the classification of Menunier and Granger's because they indicate that idiomatic and fixed expressions are phraseological unit. In addition, they subcategorize idioms into three subsets: semi-idioms, pure idioms and literal idioms. Concerning strategies, Baker's methods couples with Trosborg's techniques will be satisfactory. Moreover the research proposes the difficulties stated by Mona Baker. In this regard, it compares between idioms extracted from the Arabic novel by Radwa Ashour with its translation by William Granara clarifying which strategy is used to renders specific idiom. It is of importance to know that Ashour tries in her novel to mix between the colloquial and formal language. Therefore 11idioms
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Likewise Abu Sa'ad (1987) argues that the majority of Arabic idioms are influenced by certain linguistic phenomena such as: synonymy, homonymy, and antonym (p. 47). Therefore Arabic idioms are clearer than English idioms, yet they cause confusion among translators. For instance, In the first chapter of Granada, Ashour describes the status of Arabs during surrendering Granada. They not only paid attention for every word, but they also interpreted any command had come from Al Hamra. She says,"الناس في غرناطة تسمع وتتقصي". In this part, the translator renders الناس تسمع وتتقصي into ''they kept their ears into the ground''. In oxford English dictionary "keep an ear to the ground" is defined as'' be well informed about events and trends''. This indicates that he uses idiom of almost similar meaning and dissimilar form as Baker …show more content…
For example, دون لف و دوران"" is a popular idiom means without nonsense. After the Castilians made everything under their control, they started to close anything related to Islam and Arabs even the Arabic bathhouses. At that time, they closed the bathhouse in which Saad was working so his friend Naeem tried to convince his patron with Saad's skills saying دون لف ودوران وأنت معلمي الذي أكرمني"". It is obvious that this idiom is free from any complications. Granara reflects Mona Baker method of using using an idiom of similar meaning but dissimilar form. He renders "دون لف ودوران" into "beat around the bush" which means "discuss a matter without coming to the point" In oxford English

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