Mentorship Essay

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The effective mentor

Key points r There are many aspects to the role of the mentor r A student’s welcome and induction is crucial in setting the tone for the placement

r Active listening is a key skill in forming effective working relationships r The concept of toxic mentoring is a useful guide as to how not to do it!

NMC 2008 Domains and outcomes for a mentor related to this chapter Establish effective working relationships r Demonstrate an understanding of factors that influence how students integrate into practice

r Provide ongoing and constructive support to facilitate transition from one learning environment to another

r Have effective professional and interprofessional working relationships to support learning
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Someone well respected by their peers whom the student ‘looks up to’ and holds in high regard. This is a powerful position of influence. Motivating, inspiring and enthusiastic. Seeks to use every situation as an opportunity to teach. Keen to embrace change and improve care and to encourage the student to see beyond the present and seek improvements in care. Gives freely of their time, knowledge and experience. Delegates responsibility to the student. Available and willing to listen, encouraging. Humanistic and empathic in approach. Takes account of student anxiety and needs. Questioning, seeking to improve standards. Demonstrates up to date knowledge. Matches student tasks to their level.

r Energiser r Envisioner r Investor r Supporter r Standard prodder

18 r Teacher–coach

The Nurse Mentor’s Handbook
Passes on skills and competence, guides, sets up learning experiences, allows time for practice. Encourages personal and professional development. Provides and organises a range of learning opportunities. Willing to share knowledge. Gives constructive feedback, identifies future learning. Skilled questioner and facilitator of reflection. Assessor. Shows student the wider picture beyond the

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