Essay on Mentoring Multiple Generations : A Generational Gap

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Mentoring Multiple Generations
For the first time in history, managers have the daunting task of understanding and leading four generations in the workplace. In order to be effective, it is important to understand each generation and the differences among the groups in order to effectively manage the workers. There are many differences between the generations, and this is referred to as a generational gap. In business world today, managers need to implement methods in order to effectively communicate and bridge the generations together to assist with successfully managing a variety of workers spanning over many years. Managers are discovering that the areas where the generations have the biggest differences are also how teams begin to “gel” and become more effective. While generational values and attributes are a solid basis as a starting point for understanding a generation, people have various life experiences which means it is equally important to embrace individuality and consider what each worker has to offer the organization.
While each generation is different, there are many parallels between the generations such as economic cycles, military conflicts, and key events that help to provide an understanding and a connection to common ground. In order to maximize the performance of each employee and to create highly functioning teams, managers must find the overlap and connection to bringing the different age groups together. This can be done by activating careers,…

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