Mentoring Is A New Concept Essay

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The world of healthcare is plagued with many obstacles that challenge the delivery of quality care, one such challenge is that of mentoring in nursing leadership. Mentorship has been identified in the development of staff nurses, to become future leaders and enhance leadership skill within the workplace. Mentoring in nursing is not a new concept however, the question is why it is not being utilized consistently and effectively as a means to increase valuable leadership in the healthcare system, therefore increasing patient outcomes and staff satisfaction. Some of the reason noted throughout the assessed research states the lack of leadership programs available, the cohorts in leadership retiring, lack of leadership development while in nursing school and lack of seasoned nurses available for mentorship.
Leadership is a concept in which an individual uses traits to inspire, engage and drive a team to a common goal, but not everyone has the personality or skill it takes to be a leader. For the nurse that does demonstrate such qualities limited resources exist in most environments to grow and foster those traits. The nurses that poses the qualities of a leader, but are not utilized in an acting leader position are called informal leaders. According to The Journal of Nursing Management (2011), informal nurse leaders are an underutilized assets in healthcare. These so called “informal leaders” have the potential to be the formal leaders of tomorrow and one way…

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