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What Every Body is Saying
An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Speed-Reading People

Joe Navarro
FBI Special Agent (Ret.) with Marvin Karlins, Ph.D.

To my grandmother, Adelina, whose withered hands lovingly molded a child into a man.
To my wife, Edyth, who has blessed me with her love and taught me what it means to be a caring human being.


Foreword: I See What Y ou’re Thinking

Mastering the Secrets of Nonverbal Communication
Living Our Limbic Legacy
Getting a Leg Up on Body Language: Nonverbals of the Feet and Legs
Torso Tips: Nonverbals of the Torso, Hips, Chest, and Shoulders
Knowledge Within Reach: Nonverbals
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When the ice pick was mentioned, the man’s eyelids came down hard and stayed down until the next weapon was named. The agent instantly understood the significance of the eyelid behavior he had witnessed, and from that moment forward the “minor” suspect became the primary person of interest in the investigation. He later confessed to the crime.
Chalk one up for Joe Navarro, a remarkable human being who, in addition to unmasking the icepick killer, is credited with catching scores of criminals, including “master spies,” in a distinguished twenty-five-year career with the FBI. How was he able to do this? If you asked him, he quietly would say, “I owe it to being able to read people.”

Joe, it turns out, has spent his entire professional life studying, refining, and applying the science of nonverbal communications—facial expressions, gestures, physical movements (kinesics), body distance (proxemics), touching (haptics), posture, even clothing—to decipher what people are thinking, how they intend to act, and whether their pronouncements are true or false. This is not good news for criminals, terrorists, and spies, who, under his careful scrutiny, usually give off more than enough nonverbal body signals (“tells”) to make their thoughts and intentions transparent and detectable. It is, however, very good news for you, the reader, because the very same nonverbal knowledge
Joe relied on to become a master “Spycatcher,”

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