Mental Illness In Family Essay

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Illnesses, whether physical or psychological, can affect the person diagnosed with the illness in an extensive way. Mental illnesses does not only affect the victim, it also alters the people around them. Mental illnesses seem to have aflutter effect on families, creating strain, instability, troubld feelings, and enormous changes on how individuals experience their lives. When mental illnesses appear it leaves families confounded and distressed. The family may tell themselves that the victim will overcome the illness if given time and consolation. The family does not normally have control on what is happening. Before they are diagnosed by a professional, in most cases, family members are unable to understand why the victim is acting strange. Families usually seek outside help in order to assist them because they have become stressed trying to figure the cause out on their own. For example, In Tina Kotulski’s biography, Saving Millie, Kathryn, Millie’s mom, had Millie sent to boarding school because she thought her daughter needed to have etiquette training and that made Millie’s schizophrenia worse. Family members often misdiagnosed their loved ones conditions. Mental illnesses within a family also causes a family to be more secretive. They are often reluctant to confer with outsiders because they are timid on how others would react. For …show more content…
They need more information about theillness and treatments provided. With the right education and support, they can assist themselves and the person whom is ill. Everyday an individual sacrifice their happiness and mental health assisting a victim with a mental disorder. In Tina’s biography Millie’s husband, mother, and children sacrificed themselves to save Millie frm losing herself because she had them to live for. Equally important, the support can be the victim as

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