Amy Blooms Short Story, Silver Water Essays

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All over the world people are diagnosed with mental illnesses that leave them, often from the beginning of their lives, unable to fully function in a normal society. Many of these cases leave the diagnosed unable to take care of themselves, which puts that responsibility on others. So, do certain mental illnesses leave more stress on the shoulders of the ill or the ill person 's family and/or those responsible for taking care of them? Having a cousin my age with severe autism, I’ve seen firsthand the burden that a mental illness puts on parents and siblings. Other illnesses though, such as schizophrenia, aren’t in full effect at all times. This gives the diagnosed the ability to be semi-functional within society, some cases easier than other. In Amy Blooms short story, Silver Water, the struggles that are tied to schizophrenia and their families are told through the words of a girl whose older sister and role model develops schizophrenia in her teenage years. At times, cases can be severe enough that a schizophrenic needs to be involuntarily hospitalized and can cause major stress and strain on the diagnosed family relationships. At the end of the day, schizophrenia is a disease that can cause harsh decisions to be made for a family member, these decisions along with the daily caregiving required to minimize the asperities of this disorder lead to an array of problems for the families of the diagnosed.
Schizophrenia is a mental disorder that commonly begins in adolescence or…

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