Mental Illness And Mental Health Essay

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Mental health refers to a condition of wellbeing whereby each individual realises their potential and can deal with life changes and uncertainties, making a contribution to the society through working effectively, (Scheid and Brown, 2010). Based on this argument mental health is the ability for an individual to cope with various life stressors. According to Fortinash and Holoday-Worrent (2008) mental illness relates to a variety of mental health disorders which influence an individual’s behaviour, mood and thinking. Therefore mental illness can be referred to an ailment of the mind leading to inability to process their thoughts. Mental illness is classified using two distinctive tools of the World Health Organisation (WHO) (2011) [International Classification of Diseases (ICD) -10] and American Psychiatric Association (APA) (2010) [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) V].

Identify the needs associated with various mental health problems

A nursing assessment is performed to determine the problem in order to obtain a treatment intervention to apply. Following an assessment, Alice’s identified needs were categorized into three domains; physical, psychological and social. The physical health needs relates to her mobility issues due to her arthritis. Anderson (2009) refers to arthritis as joint stiffness due to painful inflammation. Similar if needed assistance with personal care would be provided by the carers. The National Institute for Health and Care…

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