Mental Health Do My Feelings Matter, What Makes Me Different / Unique?

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Mental Health-Do my feelings matter, what makes me different/unique?

Mental health is a key Learning area which is important to teach children as it promotes students awareness and understanding of their own and others emotional state, to ensure a better well being. It is an opportunity for students to develop healthy coping strategies. Teaching the subject of Mental health can be a driving force that provides students the strategies to keep themselves healthy and safe, as well as a supporting device for students to support any of their friends who are facing challenges. This key learning area brings about awareness for students, enabling students of any age to develop the skills, understanding, knowledge, language and confidence to seek help, as needed, for themselves or others. It can help them to understand when this help might be needed, what help is available, and the likely outcome of seeking support. It is important to teach the area of mental health to students as it forms an open floor classroom environment of safety that which all students and their feelings matter, and are of concern. This would be ideal for students that come from dysfunctional families that don 't provide a homely environment of play, confidence, safety, health, encouragement or love. Although it is not necessarily the role of a teacher to instil discipline and guidance in this area, it can be used as a platform for teachers to ensure well educated pupils are being developed for our future,…

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