Mental Health Agencies Of Memphis Deal With Many Clients From Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds

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Mental health agencies in Memphis deal with many clients from low socioeconomic backgrounds, as Memphis is one of the largest named cities in the US for low-income individuals and families. The conflict theory is helpful in gaining a sense of understanding the clients who are being served by my agency, Alliance Healthcare Services. This perspective asserts that the working poor are victims of a power structure, which creates inequalities (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013). Having a basic knowledge and understanding of the community in which the agency serves helps the social worker open their minds and change their perspective to create a sense of connectedness with their clients. While many of our LMSW’S and our Crisis Services Counselors have descent jobs in which they can live comfortably, they have an understanding that not all of their clients have the same luxury due in a large part to their crippling mental illness. Many of our clients are trying to overcome many difficult barriers such as homelessness, incarceration, and past trauma. Understanding where our clients come from gives insight to their development and its influences (Garthwait, 2014).

Social workers need to understand “The range of social systems in which people live” and “The ways social systems promote or deter people maintaining or achieving health and well-being” (CSWE, 2008, EP 2.1.7). The social systems theory is one perspective used in the mental health system. “Systems theory is a way of elaborating…

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