Essay on Membrane Permeability

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Title Membrane Permeability

Aim To determine the effect of various chemicals and high temperature on the membrane permeability of beetroot

Hypothesis Organic solvent and high temperature will destroy the cell membrane and make it permeable to the red pigment. The higher the concentration of the alcohol, the greater will be this effect.
Beetroot is the material used in this experiment to demonstrate the effects of high temperature and chemicals on the permeability of the cell membranes. Beetroot contains a red pigment called betalain, which is located in the large central vacuole of the beetroot cells. The vacuole is enclosed by a single membrane called tonoplast and the whole cell is enclosed by cell membrane made up of
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| |(relative colour intensity of immersing solution) |
|1 |AgNO3 solution | |
|2 |10% alcohol solution | |
|3 |30%alcohol solution

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