Melba Beals 'Warriors Don' T Cry

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Could you imagine not being able to go to a specific school based on the color of your skin? Many African American children knew how that felt up until the 1960s. African Americans had just seriously started to fight back and fight for their rights, even going to the same school as the white children. When a law was passed to integrate school, all did so except for Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas. In the book, Warriors Don’t Cry by Melba Beals, nine African American students, including herself had to go through the experience of being in the middle of a integration feud between people who believed in equal rights and others that didn’t. In the beginning of the book, Melba was living the average life of an African american girl. She lived in her home with Mother Lois, brother, and her Grandma India. Unfortunately her father left just as she was about to make history. One day at school, a paper …show more content…
It became so bad that the 101st was issued to come into Little Rock by President Eisenhower. Even with the guards at the school, it still took a few weeks for the colored students to attend Central for academic purposes. In order to let the students study at the school, the NAACP had to go to court again to uphold Governor Faubus’ order to get desegregation for CHS. Faubus continued to fight for the segregation and wouldn’t stop for anything, even when the African American students were in the school. Even though they were allowed to go to school at Central did not mean that the white students liked the idea. Melba and the others had to fight for their lives inside the school and would do anything to live for the next minute. One example would be when one boy repeatedly threatened Melba that he was going to stab and kill her over and over again. She would complain to the guards and the teachers, but no action was taken to properly protect the nine

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