Essay on Medicine And The Health Care System

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WHAT FUTURE DO YOU SEE FOR MEDICINE IN THE UNITED STATES? Over the last one hundred years, there have been many changes to medicine and the health care system in the United States. Through these changes, we have made many technological advances and have cured many disease. With these changes, we have also been able to find a way to make health care more affordable for most Americans. However, there are still many who lack access and necessary funds and this is where I see the future change. The future of medicine in the United States is heading toward a play on socialized medicine with a separate market for those who chose to have outside insurance and see specialty physicians. According to Paying for Health Care by Thomas Bodenheimer and Kevin Grumbach (p. 326-337), up until the middle of the twentieth century out-of-pocket payments were the most common way of paying medical bills. As we all know illnesses are unpredictability, we do not get to choose when we get sick or have an accident. Because of this, it is very hard for average American households to put back enough money to cover these unforeseen circumstances. Their inability to pay however did not prevent these illnesses from occurring. So, the inevitable happened, doctors and hospitals stopped getting paid and insurance was born. “The four basic modes of paying for health care are out-of-pocket payment, individual private insurance, employment-based group private insurance, and government…

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