Medical Record Documentation Of The Veterinary Essay

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Medical Record Documentation in the Veterinary Setting
A record, synonymous with other terms such as, health record or medical record, is a collection of related fields that refers to all the data accumulated regarding the patient’s visit or all of the patient’s visits. The health information professional will find that in relation to the veterinary health medical record, similarities between the veterinary delivery care setting and human health care setting extend to the approach veterinary animal patient medical records are documented and maintained. Michelle Shipley’s article, Choosing the Path Less Traveled, in the Advance Health Care Network for Health Information Professionals, points out similarities between the human health information management professional and the veterinary health information management professional in regards to medical record keeping (Shipley, 2000). Similarities shared would be in the manner health information management professional must assemble medical records after the animal patient has been discharged from the facility (Shipley, 2000). Michelle Shipley provides another example of similarity by stating that the health information management professionals in the veterinary setting must “also perform quantitative analysis on each record to ensure completeness and to check for proper signatures” (Shipley, 2000).

American Veterinary Medical Association
As revealed in the prior matters discussed, The American Veterinary Medical Association…

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