Medical Career Essay

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The medical field is a career choice that brings about many options and opportunities of great value. The noble idea of being a doctor tends to cloud the diligent studying and precise training that is actually required for this specific career. I have desired to become a physician since a very young age, and now that the opportunity is finally becoming a reality, I have fully researched what it takes to succeed in this profession and various specialties of the practice. The road to a medical degree is one filled with thousands of definitions, years of schooling, and many stressful nights, but I believe that the reward is one that is incomparable to any other. Saving the lives of many individuals on a day-to-day basis has been one …show more content…
Obviously, “medical schools admit students who have displayed a strong aptitude for science. But they also look for applicants with an interest in the wider world. Diversity comes in all flavors: academic, extracurricular, and experience. So a minor in art, some years on the cross-country team, and short stories that published are all valuable on a candidates application” (The Princeton Review 2015). Another unknown fact is that medical college and universities require aspiring applicants to enroll in certain courses. According to The Commonwealth Medical College, “students seeking admission to TCMC’s MD program must have coursework in the following disciplines: general Biology with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters), general Inorganic Chemistry with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters), Organic Chemistry with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters), general Physics with laboratory (1 year/2 semesters) and English and English Composition (1 semester) (TCMC 2015). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they have met all of the listed requirements and to enroll in more courses if necessary, because some medical colleges require another semester of English, or one year of Calculus. Failure to do so may result in the rescinding of the admission offer. Usually during the junior year of undergraduate degree, students take the MCAT, which is the Medical College Admissions Test, which is a standardized, multiple choice exam that assists medical colleges when making acceptance decisions. When I furthered my research, I was shocked to discover that the acceptance criterion into medical schools does not solely depend on MCAT, which the Medical College Acceptance Test, and grade point averages anymore. The Princeton Review, having published multiple MCAT practice books, explains that “[med colleges] carefully review personal

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