Media 's Influence On Our Perceptions, Attitudes, And Choices

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Nowadays, media of the 21st century can heavily influence our perceptions, attitudes, and choices. People all around the world have access to numerous types of media and spend hours each day consuming it. Functionalists, Interactionists, and Conflict theorists analyze how influential mass media is on our daily lives. From a functionalist approach, one would examine media for how it enforces social norms, awards status, encourages spending, and to keep us informed. An interactionist examines how media effects peoples’ everyday lives, relationships, and connections and could also look at it how media shapes behavior. Lastly, a conflict theorist would be interested in how media is damaging our society and the negative effects it has. These different theorists, would find several sociological implications throughout the well-known TV show on MTV, called “Teen Mom” (i.e. “16 and Pregnant”) as it encompasses several sociological concepts that sociologists analyze today. “Teen Mom” is a television show that MTV has been broadcasted for several years now. The show follows the stories of a few pregnant teenage girls and how they deal with their situation. The title of the show, “Teen Mom,” is right to the point and is also an issue that our society enjoys talking about as well as preventing. This show, brings the audience inside the lives of women who actually go through this life-changing experience. Although it may seem that the show glamourizes teen pregnancy because…

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