The Importance Of Printed Media

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Over the period of time, going through this course we covered much of the material covering print media, record music, motion pictures, along with various forms of television. When going about my regular day, these topics are matters that I usually wouldn’t care to place much thought into. Now that this course is coming closer to an end, I have gained a great understanding of these subjects. And what I’ve come to realizes is that all of these topics have played a critical role in not just my life, but even the generations before me. In the future, I will continue to look at these areas in a broader aspect. I would consider not only what draws me into favoring some forms of media over the other, but also what is it about society that is creates …show more content…
In the textbook, the writer states, “books are the lest mass of the mass media, more people preferred to watch the movie Gone with the Wind, than read the book.” (Dominick, 2013, p.165). For my mother, printed media sources are the best sources. Like many in the older generation, they would consider printed media as a more credible source than the online sources of media available. Unfortunately, printed media has been battling with a decrease in sales. People seem to no longer prefer the use of printed articles, and books. While on the other hand, motion pictures, and music labels have shifted along more with the change of modern day society. Music records uses the modern day interest to carry out most of it business tactics. Sadly, this has become bittersweet for the music industry. The internet has allowed record labels to produce mass amounts of music, but it also opened the gateway to mass amounts of thieves. Television has played a crucial role in dominating change. When culture changes, so does television. Now and days, we are able to listen to music, stream shows, and online chat, all through our television service. The world around us is now converting to newer ways of integrating mass media. The use of online access has made us in the habit of wanting things quick and easy. 10 years ago people were willing to wait over 30 minutes for a dial up connection. Now and days, people even refuse to wait 5 minutes for their phone to load

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