Media 's Impact On Society Essay

2071 Words Oct 31st, 2016 9 Pages
Brett Richards
Modern Literature
Media: Biased, Truthful, Impactful? Over the years the media has played a big part in a ton of things. Whether it was the news or an internet report the media has always had an effect on the situation. A question often asked is “Was the media biased, can we trust the media,and lastly what impact does the media really have on society and it’s people? The media and reporters are always faced with this question. People often have different views on this subject. There is no denying that this subject normally has an effect on certain citizens. The media can show bias at times, leading to people 's views on media to change, and therefore having a positive or negative impacts on their lives. The media is often called bias and is claimed to show favoritism. This can be applied to many phases in society. This has stood the test of time. In 1985 fifty three percent of people believed the media was biased.(Fahri) In 2012 this number grew to a staggering seventy seven percent.(Fahri) That’s over a twenty percent increase. This number is truly unbelievable and shows that the people don’t seem to trust the media. Is the media really biased or is this just an illusion that the people are believing they’re seeing? Robert Lichter a highly respected and pioneering media bias researcher states “There is kind of a self fulfilling perception to it. Once people see something they don’t like, they notice things that reinforce the belief…

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