Media, Television, And Digital Media Essay

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Media is the means through which information is distributed and received. Throughout history, media has been known to constantly change. With the continual arrival of new technology, techniques, and inventions, it is difficult for the public to communicate through only one form of media.
The four media groups, photography, cinema, television, and digital media, individually cover the six aspects of media, which are connectedness/accessibility, mobility/portability, public privateness, private publicness, personalization, and last but not least, interactivity. In this essay, we will be focusing on interactivity within photography, cinema, television, and digital media. When the camera was first invented, it was not owned by many because of the fact that one was expensive and the photos were difficult to develop. After Mathew Brady popularized photography through his studio and Civil War gallery and after George Eastman invented the Brownie, which was affordable and easy to use, photography, remained a popular medium until today. The two most important components of photography are the photographer and his/her camera. The interactions between these two factors are physical as the photographer actively adjusts the camera’s exposure, flash, and other settings and decides when to capture a photo with the click of the camera’s main button. In terms of the act of photography, it is a lean forward medium in which the distance between the photographer and the camera are almost…

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